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AnycastIP locations


Location Code IPv4 IPv6
Johannesburg, ZA jhb fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:181

Asia and Oceania

Location Code IPv4 IPv6
Mumbai, IN mum fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:149
Singapore, SG sin fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:145
Sydney, AU syd fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:146
Tokyo, JP tok fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:148
Fujairah, UAE uae fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:147


Location Code IPv4 IPv6
Madrid, ES mad fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:127
Amsterdam, NL ams fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:126
Frankfurt, DE fra fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:121
London, UK lon fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:123
Paris, FR par fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:125
Stockholm, SE sto fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:124
Warsaw, PL waw fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:122

North America

Location Code IPv4 IPv6
Chicago, IL, US chi fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:103
Dallas, TX, US dal fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:104
Los Angeles, CA, US lax fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:105
Miami, FL, US mia fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:106
New York, NY, US nyc fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:109
San Jose, CA, US sjc fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:108
Seattle, WA, US sea fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:107

South America

Location Code IPv4 IPv6
Sao Paulo, BR sao fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:161
Santiago, CL san fd00:dead:c0de:cafe:172:31:255:162
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